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We offer to customers complete finishing of our models as new service.


In January 2006 we made crucial step in technology improvement and we installed 3D milling machine. This equipment allows x1230 y2000 z130mm modelling. We also offer 3D milling on request. Please, don't hesitate to contact us.

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Antares 20E

Antares 20E

Antares 20E is scale reproduction 1:3 of very high performance glider produced by company Lange Aviation.

We developed this model with utilization of flying and building experience with top F3B models. All moulds are made on our CNC machine so all dimensions and specially the wing airfoil was exact kept.

After read the rules of GPS triangle category and introduce with tactic of flying I decided use similar aerodynamic of wing as on F3B models. It brought several technical problems. The middle thickness of airfoil is 9% and was very difficult make the wing enough stiff. We had to use carbon to all part of model to obtain flying weight 12kg and enough stiff. The wing composition is 99% carbon with rohacell foam. Also for wing spar production use CNC technology.

We won with this model our first triangle competition in Krnov. In Müswangen we finished on second place with very tight result.

We produce this model in two versions: double carbon and HM (high modular) double carbon. Both is enough stiff for GPS triangle competitions. HM version is more stiff in torsion. On Krnov and Muswangen competition we flown with double carbon version without problem and made speed over 200km/hour. Ofcourse it is still scale model and not plane for dynamic soaring. Used airfoil makes similar dynamic of flight as F3B models, but final conception of airframe allow thermal flying, and low speed too.

Technical data
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Category GPS Triangle
Wingspan 6600mm
Wing area 137dm
Weight 12000-17000g
Length 2460mm
Construction: Baudis Jiri
Airfoil DP-F3B/mod.
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