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We offer to customers complete finishing of our models as new service.


In January 2006 we made crucial step in technology improvement and we installed 3D milling machine. This equipment allows x1230 y2000 z130mm modelling. We also offer 3D milling on request. Please, don't hesitate to contact us.

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Ceres is competition model F3B/F3Fcategory. Their aerodynamic design is complete subordinated to maximal performance in F3B tasks (duration, distance, speed) with specially accent for task speed. On the beginiing its development was acquisition of 3D CNC milling machine which allow us produce several of prototypes wing in short time and with high preciseness. We tested four different airfoils on platform of model Trinity and we decided use very fast airfoil from airfoil designer Dirk Pflug (DP airfoils).

Arose first prototype of model Ceres with wingspan 2,8m. This model I used on Viking Race 2006 and also on F3B eurotour competitions in Lunen and Munich. On the basis of experience with this prototype we finished complete new model Ceres with wingspan 3,05m which we offer to you as latest version high competition model from our firm.

Construction of model is fully composite with using of carbon of all stressed parts. For wingspar is used high modular carbon with very low ductility and with combination of kevlar honeycomb arose light and very stiff construction. The surface of wing is complete from carbon fabric on all version. Also fuselage is almost 100% carbon composite.

After first presentation on eurotour competition in Salzburg 2007 signify interest about this new model several of top pilots lokking for recipe to new tactic flying in this category. Over very short time for preparation to World Championship F3B 2007 had decided use it there Böhlen Andreas(SUI), Hoffmann Peter (AT), Pantano Francisco (ARG) and next pilots. During second half on season 2007 were added to us also part of Kika team (Seyfang M., Trautwein U., Muff J.). On year 2008 we will see fly Ceres by lot of other top pilots in this category.

Differences between F3F and F3B version:

F3F: - CF 160g on surface of wing
- wingspar balsa/carbon sandwich
- fuselage without hook
- weight: 2400-2500g
F3B: - CF 68g on the surface of wing
- wingspar kevlar honeycomg/carbon sandwich
- fuselage with hook
Version 2,4Ghz: - front part of fuselage without carbon (fibreglass)

For finishing the model you need only RC equipment (servos, reciver...) and 5 minutes epoxy.

Set conteints:

  • Fuselage with canopy and installed towing hook (F3B version)
  • Wings with joiner and servo covers (horns already glued)
  • V-Tail with joiners (horns already glued)
  • Cables for wing servos with connectors (2x 85cm, 2x 30cm)
  • Extension cables for wing servos into the fuselage with connectors (4 x 30 cm)
  • Two pair of MPX 6-pin connectors
  • Servo holders for wing servos with third BB (2x right, 2x left) - Futaba S3150
  • Servo holder for V-Tail servos into fuselage – Graupner DS3728/DS3781
  • Servo covers
  • Two carbon tubes for V-Tail linkage
  • M3 metal clevises (8x) with M3 screw rods (4x) for wing linkage
  • M2 metal clevises (2x) with 80mm 2mm/M2 wire (2x) for V-tail linkage
  • M2 ball pivot (M2) with 130mm 2mm/M2 wire (2x) for V-Tail linkage
  • 10pcs brass ballast cubes (16x20x50mm – 130g/1pcs)
Technical data
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Wingspan 3050mm
Wing area 59,4dm2
Aspect ratio 15,66
V-tail span 586mm
V-tail area 5,64dm2
V-tail aspect ratio 6,1
V-tail airfoil DP
Weight 2100 ÷ 3400g / 3600g (with lead ballast cubes)
Wing loading 35 ÷ 57 / 60g / dm2
Airfoil DP
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