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Complete finish servo

We offer to customers complete finishing of our models as new service.


In January 2006 we made crucial step in technology improvement and we installed 3D milling machine. This equipment allows x1230 y2000 z130mm modelling. We also offer 3D milling on request. Please, don't hesitate to contact us.

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23. 06. 2014

21.-22.6.2014 7th Sonnenwendpokal F3B in Nardt

Changeable weather conditions made the F3B competition near Dresden exciting up to the end.
Böhlen Andreas won with our models Pitbull and Jedi. Congratulations!
Complete results here or read more (in German language).

03. 05. 2012

20.-22.4.2012 9th Kirchheim open

20.-22.4.2012 9th Kirchheim open

Very nice competition with great organization as always. 106 competitors. Baudis Jiri 1th place (Fosa Lift), Duchesne Denis 3th place(Fosa F3B), Buchert Jens 7th place (Fosa Lift), Flixeder Gerhard 10th place (Fosa F3B).

Buchert Jens made fantastic 37laps in distance with Fosa Lift. Some speed flights under 14second - Baudis Jiri 13:50, Duchesne Denis 13:66.

Complte results are here:results and photo gallery from Flixeder Gerhard: photo gallery

03. 04. 2012

Gator F3B Florida, USA

Tom Kiesling won Gator with FOSA. Rich Burnowski was 4th.

03. 04. 2012

31.3.-1.4.2012 18th Salzburger Wanderpokalfliegen" in Hallwang

Jiri Baudis second place with Fosa Lift.

results and picture gallery

26. 09. 2011

Season 2011

Great season F3B 2011 finished in Europe. This year we have winner of F3B Tour - Böhlen Andreas(Fosa, Fosa Lift). Big Congratulation!

Next pilots flying with our models:
Duchesne Denis 4th place (Cyril, Fosa)
Flixeder Gerhard 11th place (Fosa)
Rossmann Hans 12th place (Cyril, Fosa)
the complete results you can find at

Particular congratulation to winner of each contest:
Böhlen Andreas won Sonnenwendpokal Dresden with Fosa, Winterthur Mörsburg Cup with Fosa Lift and Lippeweiden Pokal Wettbewerb (Lünen) with Fosa Lift.
Duchesne Denis won Arnheim Open with Cyril.
Flixeder Gerhard won Steinfeldpokal (Mollram) with Fosa.
Lobov Oleg won Spreepokal (Sputendorf) with Cyril.

Thanks to all pilots for their trust in our models!

11. 05. 2011

Arnhem F3B competition 7.-8.5.2011

As usual the weather was windy in Netherland. Great success - Denis Duchesne won with model Cyril, Jiri Baudis was third with Fosa, Thomas Dylla fifth place with Cyril. The speed cup won Thomas Dylla.
Big congratulation!

19. 05. 2010

Salzburg F3B contest 10.-11.4.2010

First competition in this season 2010. Made in standadrd April weather. Gerhard Flixeder with Cyril 4th place, Jiri Baudis 5th place. Jiri Baudis got cup for 3th place on speed. Great start of this season. Complete results here. Thanks to Gerhard for nice photo.

25. 05. 2009

15th Salzburg F3B contest 28.-29.3.2009

Stonavsky Jan made best speed on competition with his Ceres - 14:10.

25. 05. 2009

Arnheim F3B contest 18.-19.4.2009

Schorb Thomas won competition with Ceres lift. Duchesne Denis second place with Ceres Lift, Seyfang Michael third place Ceres Lift/Shooter. Congratulation to great results in hard weather conditions! Complete results here:

25. 05. 2009

Kirchheim F3B contest 24.-26.4.2009

Böhlen Andreas 4th place with Ceres lift, Duchesne Denis 5th place with Ceres lift. Congratulation. Thanks to Seyfang Michael and his team for very nice and good organized big contest - 101competitors!

25. 05. 2009

Neuhardenberg F3B contest 16.-17.4.2009

Stonavsky Jan 3th place with Ceres. Good work Jan! results

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