Personal Colour Design | Complete finishing of model

Personal Colour Design

  • If you not choose from our offer of colour schemes or you have special requirements send us please picture of your colour scheme in .jpg format.
  • If we will be able make your personal colour scheme and you will choose from offered colours than extra pay is 0-10% according to difficulty.
  • Each used personal colour scheme means start of production after receve proforma payment to our account.

Used colours in our firm:

Complete finishing of model

Presently we can offer you complete finishing of models purchased in our e-shop.

Complete finished model - you only put receiver and fly:

  • built in servos in the wing and fuselage
  • built in cables in the wing and fuselage
  • ready made battery pack with connector for receiver
  • installed leading to elevatore
  • balancing (on special request)

price of work for servo installation ... 50 €/ 1 pcs servo

price of work for ready made battery pack with connector for receiver ... 10 €/ 1 pcs four cells battery pack

Regarding to our experience with finishing and flying F3B models we recommend well tested configuration for F3B and F3F:

- 4 x Futaba S3150
- 2 x JR PROPO DS3405
- 4 x battery xcell NiMh 2/3A 1300mAh

The items to recommended configuration are sold by our company in competitive price.