If you buy second party equipment from us (servos, motors, speed controllers, etc) you will be covered by the guarantee of the supplier of this material to us, but if you have a failure of this equipment and your model is damaged, Baudismodel's guarantee does not cover that situation.

The models you buy from us, has two years guarantee that covers mistakes in production. If you have some problems with your model, you must inform us as quick as possible and we will take special actions depending on the specific situation. In any case, the model will have to be sent to us for detailed inspection, Baudismodel covers the shipping cost if we find a certain problem in the fabrication of the model.


Do not accept a package that is visibly damaged. Open the package in the carrier's presence. If contents are damaged, refuse to accept the item from the Carrier. Notify Baudismodel immediately. Do not discard anything and keep all items intact. We will begin claim proceedings and give you instructions on what steps to take. If the damaged package/item is left at your door, do not open it. Take the damaged package to your local Carriers office and open it in their presence. Replacement merchandise will be shipped by Baudismodel upon receipt of claim proceeds.  We pack using the finest custom boxes that far exceed all carriers standards! 

PLEASE NOTE; Baudismodel cannot be held liable for any 4th party, or other carrier not hired, or insured by us!


Please notify Baudismodel at once. We will give you instructions on how to proceed.  Damage sustained during the act of Dynamic Soaring is NOT considered a defective aircraft kit.

Our models are designed for a certain range of flying speed. They are recommendend for specialists that understand this limitation. Damage because innapropiate use of our models is NOT considered a defective aircraft kit.


Many of our products have the ability to cause great harm and/or physical damage if used incorrectly. Incorrect use includes improper installation/construction/assembly of our products, improper flying or use of our products.
Dynamic Soaring is an inherently dangerous activity. The process of DS'ing accelerates your aircraft very rapidly and often violently. It requires total concentration, skill, practice, and optimal conditions (including slope sites and weather) to perform. DS'ing should always be practiced with the utmost care and consideration of safety, both your own and that of other people in the vicinity.
Always safety check your aircraft and radio gear for proper operation and freshly charged batteries prior to launching.
Baudismodel accepts no responsibility for the use of our products or if you screw it up during construction.


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