Skywalker XL

Skywalker XL
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Skywalker XL is the big brother of Skywalker, indeed it shares the same wings but Skywalker XL has a central panel to reach the 5m wingspan.

It is a model designed with an special airfoil for GPS-Triangle competition and it has proven to be very competitive reaching top positions in final results.

 Model information
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CategorySport Class GPS-Triangle
DesignBaudis Jiri
AirfoilPflug Dirk
Wing Area115.8dm2
Aspect Ratio21.7

Approximate flying weight of Skywalker XL in glider version:
Skywalker XL full carbon strong  ... 6.700g
Skywalker XL double carbon strong ... 7.000g
Skywalker XL double carbon light ... 6.500g

For GPS Triangle Sport Class we would recommend the Skywalker XL double carbon light version.
For the GPS competition we always recommend the light version, because the weight with motor could be under 7000g. 
Futhermore the light version has more light ends of wings, which also might be important in GPS competition.

Fuselage is full carbon with carbon ribs and with 2,4 GHz friendly nose. The layup of fuselage is the same for all versions.

The difference between glider and electric version of Skywalker and Skywalker XL is only the cutted nose of the fuselage.
However standardly we do not cut the nose of fuselage, so you have the possibility to adjust it precisely together with the choosen motor, propeller and spinner.
If requested we could cut the nose in individual case. Usually there is used 40mm spinner.