ASW 22 (scale 1/3)

ASW 22 (scale 1/3)
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ASW22 1/3
Double LDS
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The model ASW 22 in scale 1/3 is produced in three versions:

  • ASW 22 with wingspan 7,3m
  • ASW 22 with wingspan 8,3m (outer wing)
  • ASW 22BL with wingspan 8,8m (outer wing)

Three lay-up for the model ASW 22 as follows:

  • standard lay-up
  • extra strong lay-up with UHM
  • special GPS Triangle competition lay-up
 Model information
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DesignBaudis Jiri
AirfoilPflug Dirk
Wingspan7333,8333 & 8860mm
Wing Area169.4, 181.6 & 188dm2
Aspect Ratio31.7, 38.2 & 41.7

The airfoil of the new ASW 22 in scale 1/3 is again very thin (like at our another model Antares 20E) as we used our flying and building experiences with top F3B models. So there is used more than 99% carbon in the wing.

Level of pre-fabrication is very high at the model. The basic cockpit is complete, canopy mounted, landing wheel mounted.
The all radio cables, wing bags and servo frames are also price included.
The model is not equipped with airbrakes.
Standard version and extra strong versions have no ballast system. Only special GPS version has ballast system for wings.

The very strong LDS linkage with doubled connections has been specially designed for the model.

Also possible to have complete finished model with all servos and wiring harness installed.

For GPS Triangle competition could be used the model in standard lay-up or special lay-up for GPS.
The advantage of lay-up for GPS will be lower wing loading in poor conditions and futhermore lighter peripherals (lighter wingtips and tail) - so it bring better agillity and possibility of better reaction to thermic.
Disadvantage could be lower flight speed limit, but for the speeds needed for GPS race it will be designed with some reserve.
Long wing tips could be used with GPS version only for easy thermic flying, but no acrobation is recommended.
To maintain good stiffness at low height for the GPS version will be used UMS carbon for wingspar and HM carbon for surface.
Additional ballast system in wings for GPS version.