Pitbull 2

Pitbull 2
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Pitbull 2 is the evolution of the very successful Pitbull...

The idea of the design is to be faster on f3f competition. It has a new concept of fuselage with a minimal design in an effort of reducing overall aerodynamic drag.

We use new material HM Spreatow for wings that makes the model stiffer for torsion at high G's so it should be faster on high speed turns.

 Model information
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DesignBaudis Jiri
AirfoilPflug Dirk
Wing Area56.8dm2
Aspect Ratio15.46

Pitbull 2 comes in four versions:

  • F3F Strong
  • F3F Double Carbon
  • F3F Double Carbon HM Spreadtow
  • F3B Double Carbon HM Spreadtow

Fuselage is 2.4Ghz friendly made on HM or UHM carbon depending on version.