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Skywalker is an innovation from our company, which come from very succesful Big Ceres line. Based on experiences and findings with Big Ceres we developed the new model with improved performance and with using advanced technology.

 Model information
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DesignBaudis Jiri
Wing Area83.29dm2
Aspect Ratio17.3

Skywalker is a large hi-performance cross country or large hi-performance hotliner with posibility of motorization from 1,5kW to 5kW.

With respect to keep the high performance of the model, we focus on improving stability for more comfortable and precise control of the plane. Airfoil is designed for high performance during thermal soaring together with maintaining of excellent speed characteristic.

Many improvements in construction were made compared to the previous model. Fuselage is manufactured by new modern technology (vacuum technology) and ribs inside provide an increasead stiffness. With the extension of the fuselage in the front part there is space for the more powerful motorization.

One of the main difference against Big Ceres are also 6 servos used in wing. It make flaps and ailerons less prone to flutter or twist and provides more setup options. The control surfaces are quite short, enabling the use of very small and light servos.
All servos in the wing are LDS system and also the rudder is LDS. The fuse servos are placed in the rear part of fuse, which was made possible by reducing the weight of the rear fuselage.

Compared to Big Ceres we also added further version „light“ with the same lay-up as a top F3B models.For motorization more than 3kW is highly recommended the strongest version „Skywalker double carbon super strong“.

The surface of the model is coloured by car-colors - please see used colours in our company.
We can offer you possibility of any personal colour design you would like in addition to our standard colour schemes.

All versions are ready for LDS assembling to wings and come with LDS linkage and wiring harness.
Also possible to order completed model with installed servos, cables, battery pack, etc. - you only put receiver and fly. Please see detail of complete finishing service.

For finishing the model you need only RC equipment (servos, reciver...) and 5 minutes epoxy.