Fosa Electro - production has ended

Fosa Electro - production has ended
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Fosa Electro is an electric version of our successful F3B and F3F model with possibility of motorization 0,7 - 2 kW.

The electro fuse is almost 100% carbon composite and it is designed for LIPo 3-4 cells.
There is enough space for powerful motor in the nose and standard size of spinner is 38 mm (can be individually cut to fit also spinner 40 mm).

The model is produced in three standard lay-up: F3F, F3B and special light lay-up for the electro version. Please see below details of the standard lay-up. F5J version and custom double or triplecarbon lay-up on request.

 Model information
CategoryHotliner / F5J
DesignBaudis Jiri
AirfoilPflug Dirk
Wingspan3210 mm
Length1435 mm
Wing Area54,4 dm2
Aspect Ratio18,8
Weight1500 - 3000 g