Pitbull - production has ended

Pitbull - production has ended
Baudis pitbull
Baudis Pitbull F3F opening
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Pitbull is our first model, which is specially designed for F3F competition. However it can also be used in F3B category and some pilots use it in F3B successfully.

Idea of Pitbull came from tests of one F3B profile. During the hundreds hours of testing we noticed that the profile is incredible fast in turns. So it suggested itself that the profile is ideal for task in F3F with large number of turns, where the turning performance is essentials.

 Model information
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DesignBaudis Jiri
AirfoilPflug Dirk
Wing Area54.9dm2
Aspect Ratio16.5

The model is produced in both F3F and F3B lay-up. Please see details of standard versions - F3F strong, F3F light and F3B. Double or triplecarbon F3F version on special request.

Pitbull is flown by some pilots in season 2014 and the results are fantastic. Pilots flying with Pitbull like Lukas Gaubatz, Filip Kalensky and Martin Ziegler are top ranked.

Construction of model is fully composite with carbon in all stressed parts. For wingspar is used high modular carbon with very low ductility and kevlar honeycomb, which resulted in light and very stiff construction.
Also fuselage is almost 100% carbon composite with 2,4 GHz friendly nose and nosecone. If requested we are able to prepare extra strong fuselage with double UHM carbon.

We can offer you possibility of any personal colour design you would like in addition to our standard colour schemes.

Also possible to order completed model with installed servos, cables, battery pack, etc. - you only put receiver and fly.